Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life changed more to Allah. "Insyaa Allah"..aminn..

Assalamualikum .. 

sory guy long time im not story mory.. 
 starting today and now i want to changed my life more to Allah. I'm trusted love between me and Allah. 
many thing in the world that i dont known but I always believe Allah will help me. im promise in with my self that will explore the knowledge until end my life. .  10 min ago, i done read surah Al-waqia transtration.  Ya Allah, Allahuakbar that i can said . Thanks to Allah coz open my eyes. Before this, when i read surah al-waqia im not known what is Allah said... im the small one.. Alhamdulillah.
Al-waqia story about Judgment Day ( hari Kiamat )and hari kebangkitan.. when i read my heart dapdup2 as falling in love and  more to scary . i don't known what can i said to express my feeling. I realy believe what that Allah said is truth and on day it will be happen .

that the place i want to go... Masjidil Haram.. my heart full with miss and love with this place, i realy hope Allah will invites me to this place..

Im not a good women but im realy tried to be a good one. 
Changed my self to a good muslimah... Insyaa Allah..

ok , i want to go first

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